Episode 14 – Marketing Strategies for Client Retention – Part 3- Social Media Engagement

May 31st, 2021

Social Media Engagement Strategies for Customer Retention 

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on Marketing Strategies for Customer Retention. 

Harvard Business Review Study:

  • It’s 5-25x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. 
  • Increasing Customer retention rates by 5% increase profits by 25% to 95% 

Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics: for Customer Retention: 

From GigaOM Research, found at Marketing Charts.com

Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for Customer Retention:


Part 1- Email Marketing -56% 

Part 2- Content Marketing – 37% 

Part 3- Social Media Marketing- 32%

Part 4- Referral Marketing- 26%


Engaging with your Customers on Social Media 


  • Know your purpose! Connecting with your customers on social media in order to: 
  • Build Rapport
        1. Social Media is an opportunity for your brand to connect personally with your audience, which is something that traditional advertising can’t do. 
        2. You can put faces to names. Let them see the personal side of your company while staying on brand. 
  • Make customers feel special
        1. Offer special promotions or deals exclusively to your customers who follow you on social media.
        2. Engage with your customers
          1. Engage with them, reply to their comments and feedback
  • Improve Communication with Customers


How to connect with your customers? 


  • Bring Value
  • Don’t just brag about your brand
  • Create outward-facing social messages that bring value
  • Offer things to your social media followers that they won’t get anywhere else .
  • A survey from Nielson noted that 53% of people who follow brands on social media do it to learn about offers. 
  • Always Be Positive and connect emotionally: 
  • Curiosity
  • Amazement
  • Interest
  • Astonishment
  • Best, Funniest, or Cutest

  • Know your audience 

You may already know your customers, but specifically which customers are on which social media platform? 


Remember Ages range 


Facebook – 2.7 Billion Worldwide Users

Age Groups 

25-34 (26.3%) 

35-44 (18.2%)

Gender: 44% female, 56% male


Instagram- 1 Billion users

Age Groups 

25-34 (33.1%) 

18-24 (22.8%)

Gender: 57% female, 43% male

Twitter- 187 million users

Age Groups 

30-49 (44%) 

35-44 (18.2%)

Gender: 32% female, 68% male

*Twitter users are more educated and more likely to be democrats than the general public


LinkedIn 738 million

Age Groups 


Gender: 49% female, 51% male


Pinterest 400+ million

Age Groups 


Gender: 78% female, 22% male 






More about the Nielsen Study: 



Meforming versus Informing:


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