Episode 23 – Attracting the Right Employees for your Business with Rebecca Kirkman (Part 1)

March 21st, 2022

Today, Guest Rebecca Kirkman, founder and CEO of Hire Up Staffing shares her insights on growing your business by finding and attracting the right talent. She offers several amazing tips for both employers and job candidates. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode! After this one, make sure you catch PART 2!


Rebecca was also featured in the Business Journal’s “How She Leads” publication in September, 2021. : Read the article here.
Her company,  Hire Up Staffing, can be found online here:

Rebecca Kirkman BIO

(from Linked In)

As the President and founder of Hire Up Staffing, Hire Up Healthcare and Kirkman Beck Executive Search Services, I work each day to support clients and job seekers in the achievement of their professional goals. Our mission to leave others better than we found them is not simply a company motto, but a core value that we refer back to in each of our professional relationships.

I use more than 16 years of staffing and HR consulting experience to create clear paths for professionals with unrivaled success across the United States. Furthermore, I work to encourage and initiate change, both within client companies or varying industries and job seekers from all walks of life.

My Areas of Specialization

*Human Resource Consulting for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses
*Business and Financial Advice with guidance on how to run a successful business
*Understanding People Management and getting the most out of your team
*Creating a Positive Work Culture of Team Appreciation and Gratitude
*Creative Thinker, Problem Solver and Guru of Thinking Outside the Box in Business

Experiences that lead me to where I am today:

I haven’t always been in the Staffing and HR Industry!
Prior to Hire Up Staffing, I established a successful property management group with over 30 large accounts. In addition I opened a tanning and beauty salon where I managed 10 employees while handling accounting and payroll. It was there that I realized my knack for marketing and business growth, the skills that lead to my success at Hire Up.

Over the past ten years I’ve been able to cultivate an outstanding internal team that has established strong relationships with an incredible variety of businesses and their people. I look forward to discussing how we can help your business achieve hiring and HR success!

Experiences that lead me to my philanthropic passion:

As a small town native, I find it very important to give back to my community. My priorities at Hire Up Staffing include charity work as well small business leadership. I strive to instill my strong philanthropic values in my team and works to raise funds for various local organizations quarterly, as well as being an active volunteer and member of the Saint Agnes Women’s Club. All other involvements are listing in the volunteer section on my profile!

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